Vandrestaven er en nomadisk og kunstnerdrevet platform for offentlig kunst. Platformen manifesterer sig som en vandrestav der bruges til at markere placeringen eller begyndelsen på en kunstoplevelse. 

Vandrestaven is a nomadic and artist-driven platform for public art. The platform manifests itself as a walking stick used to mark the location or beginning of an art experience.

Phantom Roots - Filip Vest

27.11.2021 - 28.11.2021

Losæter, Oslo(NO), @losaeter
WQ35+6C Oslo, 


Photo: @zirenia


Support: KORO

Phantom Roots is a performance and installation by the artist Filip Vest taking you on a journey in and outside the urban garden and cultural institution, Losæter. The work addresses the relationship between humans and plants. It is a story about interdependency and loneliness, about growing, longing, and being homesick. It revolves around a lonely gardener and a group of walking plants, ”the potted plant people”, that have come into being through a series of mysterious incidents and now inhabit the spaces as they reproduce themselves and make plan(t)s. The function of flower pots, to make plants mobile, are taken to an extreme as the plant people start walking and detach themselves from the collective mind (of the ground). But independence comes with a price... 

12.05.2024 / Oslo, Norway