Vandrestaven er en nomadisk og kunstnerdrevet platform for offentlig kunst. Platformen manifesterer sig som en vandrestav der bruges til at markere placeringen eller begyndelsen på en kunstoplevelse. 

Vandrestaven is a nomadic and artist-driven platform for public art. The platform manifests itself as a walking stick used to mark the location or beginning of an art experience.

Nældens takvinge: Du ser ikkje ut som deg sjølv (You don’t look like yourself) - Eli Mai Huang Nesse 


Aglais Urticae 1.

Hauketo, Oslo(NO) RRX3+RVP Oslo


Organizing/ curation:
Aglais urticae is a long-term book project involving several authors, artists, and species. The book or poetry collection orbits the lifecycle of the butterfly Aglais urticae on which the book is materially dependent.

When a butterfly is just hatched from its chrysalis it secretes one red drop, called meconium. Every year I harvest a few of these drops for this project. These meconium drops are then turned into ink for poems to be written with. Each year a new artist or poet will be chosen to create a poem or text-based piece with the ink made in the current year.

The poetry collection will conclude in 2030. 

Next Sunday the finished poem from 2023 will be buried at the same place the caterpillars were found; Hauketo, Oslo. The author Eli Mai Huang Nesse will read up from her poem Du ser ikkje ut som deg sjølv (You don’t look like yourself) before we bury it. By this act, we end this year-cycle by fertilizing the soil for the next.

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12.05.2024 / Oslo, Norway