Vandrestaven er en nomadisk og kunstnerdrevet platform for offentlig kunst. Platformen manifesterer sig som en vandrestav der bruges til at markere placeringen eller begyndelsen på en kunstoplevelse. 

Vandrestaven is a nomadic and artist-driven platform for public art. The platform manifests itself as a walking stick used to mark the location or beginning of an art experience.

Mørkevandring: Lek er ikke en luksus


Mørkevandring 3.
Gaustad Grueve, Oslo(NO)
XP98+5R Oslo

Play is often seen as an superfluous and childish activity, even though it is when we relate to the world in a playful and creative way, that we get new ideas and solutions to conflicts in our lives. Both if you are a child or an adult. It is when we play we are learning what works for us and what doesn´t. In other words, it is by playing we get acquainted with ourselves and our surroundings. 
In this moment of time many describe the world as being too big and complicated. It is too many details and they don´t fit in the boxes we used to put things in to see coherence. The boxes are overflowing and cannot hold the new situation anymore, so maybe the right thing to do now, is to loosen up and spend some time playing, move things around and build something yourself?

12.05.2024 / Oslo, Norway