Vandrestaven er en nomadisk og kunstnerdrevet platform for offentlig kunst. Platformen manifesterer sig som en vandrestav der bruges til at markere placeringen eller begyndelsen på en kunstoplevelse. 

Vandrestaven is a nomadic and artist-driven platform for public art. The platform manifests itself as a walking stick used to mark the location or beginning of an art experience.

Vise til de søvnløse og andre trætte sjæle - Amalie Vestergaard Olsen




Photo: @annelenroe


Support: KORO

Maridalen is today a protected area, but once this area layed ground to many proto- industrial companies like the charcoal kilns. In these kilns the coal workers (or kulsvierne) worked and produced charcoal for the ironworks in the area. At many places around Maridalen the forest floor still contains hidden traces of the now 400 years old charcoal kilns. 
Through installation and performance the exhibition, Ballad to the Sleepless and Other Tired Souls, aims to build a connection to the past life of this landscape. The Swedish poet Dan Andersson in 1914 wrote the book Kolarhistorier (Charcoal stories) about the workers' life and conditions. Many of his stories contain supernatural and mysterious events in the forest. With inspiration from Anderssons texts Therese-Angelle Khachik will perform a hymn to the charcoal workers and the landscape which created them.

12.05.2024 / Oslo, Norway