Vandrestaven er en nomadisk og kunstnerdrevet platform for offentlig kunst. Platformen manifesterer sig som en vandrestav der bruges til at markere placeringen eller begyndelsen på en kunstoplevelse. 

Vandrestaven is a nomadic and artist-driven platform for public art. The platform manifests itself as a walking stick used to mark the location or beginning of an art experience.

Melketann - Vilde Jensen

Ekebergsletten, Oslo(NO) 59°53'33.4"N 10°47'06.8"E


Photo: @zirenia


Support: KORO
We invite you to eat the sun with droplets of blood and fill the darkness with porridge. 

Rituals are both an interruption in everyday life and a place one can visit again and again. Often I use elements connected to rites of passage, like a meal or a bath, as a starting point. I use these situations to create a story in which the viewer becomes an active part of the piece. Myths and fairytales connected to everyday objects as plants or cups, gives me the possibility to move these objects into a fictitious universe where everything is possible. When time rushes by and I feel like I can’t follow due to a chaos inside of me, I look toward the constant or infinite. We follow the sun, the year and the body which allows for encounters between people.

12.05.2024 / Oslo, Norway